Monday, May 9, 2016

Surfrider Foundation Seeks to End Sand Mining near Monterey, CA

A resident of Big Sur, CA, Frank Chenault operates Chenault Enterprises. An avid surfer, Frank Chenault started in the sport as a teen near Big Sur and Carmel, and maintains membership in the Surfrider Foundation.

Dedicated to protecting the oceans and beaches, the Surfrider Foundation includes a staff of nearly 50. Since beginning its work, it has counted more than 350 victories in coastal preservation, clean water programs, and ocean cleanup endeavors.

As of April 2016, the Surfrider Foundation was working on 28 separate campaigns, among them the efforts of its Monterey, California, chapter to halt development of a CEMEX sand mining plant in the town of Marina. According to the organization, CEMEX mines approximately 200,000 cubic yards of sand per year from the beach. Sand is a vital resource for the coasts, and CEMEX’s operations are believed to cause beach erosion in Monterey Bay.

Surfrider hosted a film screening for “Sand Wars” as well as a panel discussion on the impact of sand mining. It also is circulating a petition to give to the California Coastal Commission, asking it to take appropriate action against CEMEX.

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